Ensure efficient procurement processes and value for money outcomes when purchasing and investing.

Manage procurement processes with our end-to-end support, and meet optimistic timeframes without compromising integrity. We understand the needs of the public sector

What is procurement?

Procurement encompasses all aspects of the life cycle of planning, acquisition and contract management for your goods and services requirements and works.

What are the benefits?

Best practice procurement:

  • Reduces time spent on procurement activities by streamlining internal processes
  • Identifies your user requirements to meet your business operational needs
  • Efficiently manages your interactions with the market
  • Enhances your organisation’s reputation
  • Achieves value for money

What procurement services do we provide?

  • Managing your procurement processes and other interactions with the market
  • Setting up panels for construction and non-construction goods and services
  • Providing strategic procurement advice, analysing your needs and identifying your procurement options
  • Developing business cases
  • Advising on procurement process issues
  • Developing and reviewing procurement process tools, templates, policies and guidelines
  • Building capability of your personnel to independently manage procurement and manage contracts
  • Evaluating and reviewing programs, contractual arrangements and procurement functions
  • Managing negotiations and contractual disputes

CourtHeath has been appointed to all six commercial and financial advisory services categories of the Victorian government Professional Advisory Services State Purchase Contract.

We provide support to ICT procurements and conduct of competitive processes.

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CourtHeath Commercial and Financial Advisory ServicesTo obtain a copy of our latest Corporate Capability Statement for Commercial and Financial Advisory Services, please email info@courtheath.com.au