Our story

Discover the origin of our name and branding.

Meaning behind the brand

The CourtHeath brand takes inspiration from iconic architect and designer, Frank Lloyd Wright. Known for designing structures that are in harmony with humanity and its environment, the story of Wright’s approach mirrors the principles that drive Melbourne-based probity and procurement specialists, CourtHeath Consulting.

To reflect this, the beautiful stained glass works of Wright provide the perfect shapes to help form the CourtHeath logo. Symbolically, the window suggests ‘adding light to a situation’ so a beam of light moves across the graphic and branding elements to accentuate this idea. Meaning can also be found in the bold geometric nature of the stained glass windows – all the pieces need to fit exactly for the window to be successful. The same principle applies in all projects undertaken by CourtHeath Consulting.

Wright remains a symbol of excellence in his field, a leader, and an innovator known for his dedication and experience. CourtHeath Consulting is known as one of Victoria’s industry leaders, offering a highly tailored and personalised service that is made possible by the experience, integrity and dedication of its consultants.

Our name

CourtHeath, is from a charming country home in the hamlet of Morcombelake, near Bridport Dorset England where Pauline’s grandparents lived.

CourtHeath Cottage