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CourtHeath Consulting provides services to government and not-for-profit organisations.

Our probity audit and advisory services help clients meet government probity standards especially regarding conflict of interest, confidentiality, ethical conduct and corruption risks.

A participant in the UN Global Compact, CourtHeath Consulting seeks to raise awareness about the sustainable development goals and the principles of the Global Compact with business and government organisations in Victoria.




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  • Corruption risks in post-VPS employment

    Whilst government and private sector firms benefit by recruiting from one another, a recent IBAC report* has highlighted corruption risks and conflicts of interest (COI) that can arise when VPS Read more

  • Growing focus on SDGs in the VPS

    ​ CourtHeath was pleased to attend the annual address of the Young Professionals Network of the Victorian Chapter of the Institute of Public Administration Australia (IPAA) this month. The topic Read more

  • New Victorian public construction rules

    ​ From 1 July 2018, Victorian government departments and agencies have a new suite of rules for public construction tenders and contracts. Whilst this is certainly the biggest shake-up of Read more

  • Changing how Victoria builds schools

    It was a full house again this year for the Victorian Education Infrastructure Briefing held on 21 May 2018 at the Park Hyatt auditorium. Builders, architects and other consultants gathered Read more

  • Australian Dialogue on Bribery and Corruption

    ​ Exploring ways to strengthen ethical business practices and reduce corruption and bribery in Australia and wherever Australian businesses operate. On 3 May 2018, CourtHeath attended the National Dialogue on Anti-bribery Read more

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