Choose probity and procurement advice informed by specialist legal knowledge. Navigate the challenges of public sector transactions with legal acumen and decades of legal experience.

Our legal analytical and drafting skills set us apart. Several of our people have legal qualifications and training and are Australian Legal Practitioners.

What are the benefits?

  • Complements probity and procurement experience with comprehensive legal capability
  • Reinforces our probity advice with expert knowledge of legal consequences and ethics
  • Enables review of contractual terms and tender process conditions
  • Protects your organisation from legal process risks
  • Reduces the complexity of legalistic drafting to plain language

What services can be provided by our legally qualified practitioners holding current practising certificates?

  • Drafting agreements and conditions of tendering
  • Developing deeds of confidentiality
  • Simplifying and enhancing conflict of interest and pecuniary interest disclosure forms
  • Reviewing market invitation documents
  • Analysing contractual departures proposed by tenderers
  • Managing tender process challenges

Pauline Bernard holds a current legal practicing certificate and is a Member of the Law Institute of Victoria. As a construction lawyer, Pauline worked in private sector law firms, was a member and mediator in the Building Cases List of the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal and held senior government solicitor roles.


Pauline specialises in:

  • Procurement law including tender process challenges and disputes
  • Contract law
  • Construction law
  • Plain language drafting